Training and Safety

Welcome to the training section of TSAI. We have many resources planned to support the Target Shotgun competitors in Ireland including training courses for beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Please keep a check on our website and social channels for more information soon. Many thanks
Tony Quane
Training Director TSAI

" Safety First,Last & Always."

Some tips to consider...

Welcome to The Target Shotgun association Ireland. The first considerations for taking up Target Shotgun Shooting in Ireland:
1.Eye and ear protection is mandatory
2. A breach flag, this is also mandatory, this is an insert that is put into the open ejection port and the bolt is closed against it. It must have has a visual indicator to tell all the firearm is in a safe condition.
3. Familiarity with your firearms and their safety button/mechanism, as you will need to put your safety on at the end of a course of fire or when instructed to do so by the range officer (RO) and to put off only when a standby order at the beginning of a course of fire is given by the RO.

4. Never open or remove your firearm from it's case until the Range Safety Officer directs you to do so.  
5. Target shotgun is normally shot with a semi-automatic shotgun (semi) or a pump action shotgun (manual) using slug ammunition. To hold and use slug ammunition in a firearm holding more than 3 rounds you will need a restricted firearm license.
6. To purchase slugs you will need a restricted firearms license.
7. Sights or optics may be used.
8. Knee and elbow pads would make shooting more comfortable as kneeling and sitting is part of the course of fire.

These are just the basics and there is so much more to learn but we will leave this for the range.